• Basic Foundation Course    (BFK 1 )

    12 Feb 2017

    @ Main , KOLKATA

FTS 241

  • AIIMS Mock - 6th Nov
  • PGI Mock - 14th Nov
  • FTS 242 - 27th Nov
  • FTS 243 - 25th Dec

Welcome to Institute of Advanced Medical Studies (IAMS)

Welcome to Institute of Advanced Medical Studies (IAMS)

IAMS is a premiere institute in the concept of the need of PG Coaching Classes and is first of its kind in the country. An institute designed for the new millennium. The product of an academician's vision, to bring under one roof to make it to the PGEE.

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Why Become IAMSonian?

Prof. Jane Applegate Phd.

Medical education institutes take students on the basis of their abilities such as understanding of concepts, sharpness of mind and knowledge; therefore, they launch common exams for all students. Through competition exams, institutes are able to choose cream of students.

Competitive exams are completely different from school or university exams. Students need to plan and formulate a proper stategy which should not depend on knowledge only. Those who are only knowlegable, cannot be selected for competitive exams.

For IAMSonians, Winning is the only destination as we strive to embibe following qualities :

  • Self Belief
  • Empowerment of Knowledge
  • Time Management
  • Speed & Sharpness
  • Sample Papers / Mock Tests