IAMS Online Examination System

IAMS Online Examination System, IOES is a new age solution for student preparing for MD/MS after MBBS. We provide you with tailor-made question paper that are exclusively designed in strict accordance with the project and the pattern of PG MD/MS Entrance Exam papers, to be immensely beneficial and absolutely imperative for the aspirants to choose our course as the finest ever option in pursuit of their dreams. The ease of use and the security features make it a wonderful tool for replacing the conventional modes examination that use pen and paper. Logistically also it is much easier to conduct an examination using IOES as opposed to the conventional way.

Free Online FTS

IAMS conducts free test sessions every last Sunday of the month, which is the most authentic battle ground for you to measure your potential. Given by over 5000 doctors all over the country our test session gives you the position you really stand on. Our tests are based on the same patterns as the major post graduate entrance exams and our set of questions are specifically designed by our experts based on the latest trends in the previous years papers.

Our Most popular and demanded FTS is now also available as Online FTS to help aspiring students in appearing for the test no matter where they are based. Surprisgly, Online FTS is free too and it takes just few minutes to register. Online FTS is exactly same FTS as we publish in our centers.

Subject Based Test

IAMS has initiated this unique effort helping students in evaluation of their preparation in subjects of their lowest preparations i.e weakest subjects. Unlike FTS, students can now choose and create their own customised tests online. This enables the students in evaluation and analysis of problems, weak points and commisioned errors while answering questions in a subject.

Students can opt for two types of Test here:
  1. All Subject 100 Questions Student here will be given miscellenous questions from all subjects taken proportionally as per the examination System of India.
  2. One Subject 100 Questions Student here will be given a full 100 question test from one subject of choice


Flexibility is something which is most inherent to this product where examinee has to select what all subjects he is intrested into before appearing for a paper. The idea behind MyTest is to let student decide what all subjects are his specialised area of study and how much he can score when given questions from those.

Students can opt for two types of Test here:
  1. My Test 100 Questions Student here will be given a set of 100 random questions from different subject choosen by the student
  2. My Test 50 Questions Student here will be given a set of 50 random questions from different subjects choosen by the student.

Previous year Solved Papers

To get thoroughly schooled in the format, requirements and structure of the ms-pg entrance exam, one best way is to peruse the syllabus and practise past papers with concentrated care.

Doing past papers makes you good at certain creame of question that do come over again in same entrance exam. (As from past stats). We cover fully solved and explained AIIMS and AIPGEE previous papers.

You will get explanations for all 300 question of AIIMS and AIPGEE with references from the book / articles / journals or other sources from where they originally belong.

These papers are availble online both as ebooks and self evaluatory interactive ques-answer form. Take a leap forward and specialise with the specialists