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Regualar Course : Focus on rigrous concept development

When we begin our post graduate entrance exam preparation we hardly have a clue as to where to begin and what all to read for the examination. It is actually impossible to cover all of the syllabus and that is why we need to cover what is actually essential from the exams point of view. It has been seen over many years that the questions framed in the entrance exams usually lay stress on certain topics only, therefore it becomes very important to avoid wasting time over the others. What is required at the moment is the right guidance as to what all should be read and what all should be remembered.

IAMS regular course is one of the most widely acclaimed course for post graduate entrance exams in India. This course lays stress on covering the whole syllabus over a period of 6 to 7 months with 550 hours of teaching, which lays the right amount of stress on what actually we are required to know before the exams. The classes are conducted by highly experiences teachers from all over India and even overseas! And our students also get the whole course material from IAMS which is specifically designed and updated every year keeping in mind the latest trends in various post graduate entrance exams. undoubtedly our students have outshined in every examination with the help of the right guidance.

The regular course is targeted at doctors who have at hand an year for their preparation and require an in depth knowledge of the subject. Classes are usually held twice a week in which the whole course is finished systematically in classes of two to three hours each. The students are sensitized to the pattern of the exam by regular subject wise and full syllabus tests in between. These tests are followed by discussion or brainstorming sessions, to give that regular kick to study. IAMS gives you the right kind of competitive environment which is required to crack the main exams. The batches also get the advantage to attend free random test series designed specially for IAMS regular batch students on weekends after the syllabus has been completed.

Needless to say that our course is the best combination of the right guidance, course material and the best of faculty. To back it all is our experience of over 10 years and thousands of success stories that are connected to us by means of our courses. You too can be a part of it...

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